Since 2011 that the project The man who wanted to be water promotes an artistic awareness around the ontology of water and environmental issues.

3 Textos | 2 Espectáculos Teatro | Um conto infantil | ARG  L´Áqva | Tese de Mestrado
Animação Hipermídia | Conferências Água, Arte e Consciência no Séc XXl | Vídeo Teatro 

3 Texts | 2 Theater Shows | A children’s tale | ARG L´Áqva | Master’s Thesis | Hypermedia Animation | Water, Art and Consciousness in Sec XXl Conferences| Video Theater

Project concept
The man who wanted to be water

1st Show | 12/15/2011 
O homem que queria ser água 

2nd Project show 
AguaFontes | The water game 
The play runs as if it were a computer game

Hypermedia Animation 
@gua_um conto digital 
Inserted in ELC3 – Electronic Literature Collection 3 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Water Talks Conferences
Water, Art and Consciousness in the 21st century 
In Roca Lisbon Gallery

O homem que queria ser água | Video Theater + Water Quiz
Transposition to the video language of the theater show  
Sponsored by Lisbon City Council 

The Water Talks Publication 
Resulting from the Conferences 
Roca Lisboa Gallery